External Waterproofing

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Expert external waterproofing in Brisbane

Proper external waterproofing is a council requirement; check with your council what the extent of their requirements are. It is always important to ensure that your external waterproofing is in line with the appropriate council guidelines and regulations.

Why external waterproofing is important

External waterproofing is the best way to keep the inside of your home as dry and safe as possible. It also allows you to control water and moisture in your yard or garden. At Blake's Waterproofing, we have all the skills and expertise necessary to thoroughly waterproof decks, balconies, the positive sides of retaining walls, garden beds, planter boxes and even water features.

Reliable and affordable external 
waterproofing services

Here at Blake's Waterproofing, we are happy to consult with you to provide reliable external waterproofing services that perfectly meet your needs. Our expert team can install waterproofing on deck surfaces to prevent moisture damaging the area beneath, as well as around retaining walls to prevent moisture from travelling into the negative areas.
We can also install made-to-measure waterproofing products in your garden beds. With these products, we can ensure that the render on the outside of the backyard bed remains intact and that the bed does not leak.
When it comes to external waterproofing, it is important to ensure that your structures are designed and built correctly. You should always ensure that other trades complete their work to strict Australian standards prior to the installation of waterproofing membranes.

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