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Here at Blake's Waterproofing, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience we have accumulated in all aspects of waterproofing. After all, we've been working in the industry since 1988 and make a point of providing expert workmanship to clients throughout the Brisbane and South-East Queensland regions.
Whether you're building a new home or managing a construction project, you might find yourself having to worry about waterproofing. You can always count on Blake's Waterproofing to deliver the made-to-measure waterproofing solutions that are right for your unique situation. We work hard to provide complete customer satisfaction on every job, and our specialists are happy to offer free quotes and an on-site inspection to ensure the most accurate pricing.
Whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor waterproofing, you can count on us to provide the expert advice and guidance you need.
Here are some of the most common questions we receive, as well as their answers:

General questions

Are you a licensed contractor?
Yes, we are fully licensed.
How far up the walls do you waterproof?
We usually waterproof up to 100mm around the perimeter of the room in wet areas. If full walls need waterproofing in shower areas, we usually waterproof up to 2-metres in height.
What is the timeframe for your product to cure?
Typically, there is a 24-hour drying period. However, on decks and patios curing takes two days, after the final application.
When do we receive our certificates?
At Blake's Waterproofing, we mail out certificates upon receipt of your final payment.
Can we give you a faxed or email rough drawing of our job?
Yes. Please email us as many details about your situation as you can. It will give us more insight into the task, allowing us to provide you with a more accurate price in your quote.


Should the shower screen be set on the inside of hob?
Do we need to put tile underlay on timber flooring?
Do we need to install door angles on timber floors?
Should we put flashing around walls on top of decks where waterproofing is required?
Is it advisable to waterproof retaining walls prior to backfilling?
When preparing retaining walls, how much space do you need to have to get behind the wall for you to waterproof?
If you can get behind your retaining wall with ease, then there is substantial space for us to get behind it and waterproof.
Do we need to remove or shower screen from the shower?
Yes. It is advised that you do this, as it makes it easier for us to waterproof.

For all other queries regarding our professional indoor and outdoor waterproofing services, 
call us today on 07 3352 6192.

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